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Welcome to All Life Long Counseling and Consulting, your resource for finding the help you need to face the challenges that come with aging, life-changing illness or injury, and end of life.

Clinical social worker and therapist Darlene Avery specializes in helping patients, family members, friends, and both informal and professional caregivers manage the difficulties associated with these life events. The challenges are often not just physical, but affect every part of life: emotional, spiritual, financial, legal. During these demanding times, people face critical and often confusing decisions while experiencing extreme stress, shock, and grief. Darlene can help you face and manage the many challenges that arise from situations like these:

Marge is worried about her husband George.
She knows he is having trouble remembering things, and twice now has come home to find the burners blazing in the kitchen with nothing cooking. How can she know when it’s time for more help? What are their options: getting help at home, moving in with adult children, moving to a senior community? Is there financial help available? How does she open up conversation with her husband or the rest of the family? How can she get help when she can’t leave George alone?

Joseph was in an accident and suffered
severe injuries. He has been told by doctors he probably “won’t fully recover.” He’s not sure he understands or even believes everything all the doctors and therapists have told him. He can’t imagine life any different from how he has always lived it, and how he will still be a “man” and provider if he is physically disabled. He is “staying strong” with his family, but secretly struggling with fear, anxiety and hopelessness.

Tanya is battling an aggressive cancer.
She is only thirty-four! Even if she beats the cancer now, she’s been warned it is likely to return in a few years. She wants to live every precious moment she has with her family fully, but inside she’s so full of anger, fear, and sadness, she can’t sleep and she has a hard time paying attention during the day. She wants to make responsible plans for her family’s future, but they won’t talk to her about anything other than “staying positive.”
If you are facing challenges similar to these and you are in the Colorado Springs, Woodland Park or Pueblo areas of Colorado, please contact Darlene to talk about how to get the help you need to care for yourself and others in your care.
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All Life Long Counseling and Consulting, was recently featured on KRDO NewsChannel 13!

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