Services include counseling, care coordination, and other support to help:

Changes in health and age can affect patients and caregivers physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Whether you are a patient, a caregiver, or a family member or friend counseling services will be tailored to your specific health condition and role. All Life Long Counseling specializes in coordinating care with doctors and other health care professionals, as well as care communities and agencies to ensure you have access to all kinds of available benefits and resources.

The All Life Long Counseling approach focuses on your strengths, resources and potential, not just your problems. You are the expert about yourself and your unique circumstances and needs. With a spirit of “warm curiosity,” not judgment, counseling and education can help you clarify what’s most important and helpful to you and yours, and offer you knowledge, skills and support to help you fulfill your needs. There is no magic pill, therapy, or technique that will spare you the hardships of life: counseling requires your hard work, and learning to bear and work through distress. But together we will also share fun and excitement, celebrating victories that work toward peace, wellbeing and fulfillment in life.

All Life Long Counseling is committed to counseling and support that is sensitive to your culture, values, and beliefs. If you request spiritual practice or exploration in our work together, Darlene Avery brings experience as an ordained healthcare chaplain, with special training in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). Spiritual care and counseling will be shaped by however you define spirituality and what you desire for your hope and healing.