Cash, major credit cards, and several major insurance plans are accepted, including:

If All Life Long Counseling is not an approved provider with your insurance company, we can help you apply to your insurance company for a “Single Case Agreement” for a coverage exception or for partial reimbursement as an “out of network” provider.

Please be advised that if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan All Life Long Counseling may not be able to provide services through insurance, and may or may not be able to provide services at a private pay rate. However, we may be able to help you contact your insurance plan provider to determine whether your coverage will pay for services.

If you have Medicaid coverage that includes mental health services but you do not have Medicare, I am not able to offer mental health services to you unless we attain a Single Case Agreement, which must be applied for. According to Medicaid regulations, All Life Long Counseling may not accept cash payment from you in any amount or accept payment from a third party payer on your behalf.

A limited number of reduced fee slots are available on a case-by-case basis. Eligibility for reduced fee is based upon a review of your income and financial resources, adjusted for circumstantial expenses which may be causing significant financial burden, for example: family size relative to income, out of pocket medication costs or other healthcare expenses. It is within the sole discretion of All Life Long Counseling to determine whether you are eligible for a reduced fee.